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ilumin is first in Omaha to get new Vivity lens, which lets patients be free of glasses

If you suffer from cataracts, ilumin has a new treatment available that may help you live without glasses.

We are the first office in the city to offer the AcrySof™ IQ Vivity™ IOL. The artificial lenses are implanted in the eye of adult patients to correct vision after having the lens removed due to a cataract.

The new lens will improve how well a patient can see:

  • At an arm’s length distance, including while working at a computer, putting on makeup or shaving; and

  • At a close range, including while reading, writing, sewing or doing other activities that require near vision.

How it works

The lens works by bending light rays to allow a patient to focus on the retina. That corrects blurry distance vision that would result from removing a cataract and not replacing it with an artificial lens.

The lens also provides better intermediate and near vision when compared with a standard lens.

Is it right for you?

The lens can be implanted in patients older than 22 during surgery that removes a cataract.

The lens also helps reduce the effects of presbyopia (a reduced ability of the eye to focus on objects at arm’s length or up close, caused by aging,) and dramatically decreases halos and glare when compared to previous generations of intraocular lenses.

Best of all, the lens allows patients to become free of glasses.

Want to learn more? Contact ilumin and set up an appointment today.

The team is ready to help you.