Honoring The Impact of Dr. McDonogh, Dr. Davis, and Dr. Bath in the Field of Ophthalmology

We didn’t become Ophthalmologists by mistake or chance. The journey to earn the privilege of caring for your sight was deliberate, difficult, and required more than a decade of study and endless ongoing education. After achieving a bachelor’s degree or higher, we each attended at least 3 years of undergraduate school, and an additional 4 years of medical school. After receiving every diploma we could earn, we endured a grueling internship and residency, followed by intense licensing exams.

Are 3D movies hurting your eyes?

As 3D movies become increasingly popular – with more being released all the time ­– one study shows this film medium could be a good indicator of vision issues among people of all ages. After watching a 3D movie, check for the following three simple signs to see if you have an issue to be evaluated by an ophthalmologist.

Winter Eye Care Tips

Winter snow can be a beautiful sight for our eyes, but the cold weather can also cause many extra vision complications. Protect your eyes and keep them healthy this season with these tips for avoiding these wintertime eye issues:

Back to School with ilumin

With a new school year right around the corner, you’re busy helping your kiddos wind down from summer and prepare to get back to the books. Between shopping for school supplies and planning carpooling schedules, it’s important to squeeze in an eye exam for your children. Children should have an eye exam every two years if they don’t need vision correction, and annually if they have glasses or contacts. 

Get Relief for Spring Eye Allergies

The sun is shining, the bees are buzzing, and the flowers are in bloom: spring has officially sprung and summer is well within our sights. While the warmer temperatures and beautiful blossoms are a welcome change, these surefire signs of spring can also mean the onset of itchy, red, and watery eyes brought on by seasonal allergies.