Eye Safety

All That Glimmers (Might Make Your Eyes Old)

All That Glimmers (Might Make Your Eyes Old)

To everything there is a season – Except for protecting your eyes, which is a year-round job!

No matter the season, your eyes seem to be under attack. In spring, itchy irritants and allergies keep you aware of your eyes. In the summer, the constant attack of blinding sun and chlorinated water are the one-two punch du jour. Fall brings harvest mold, dust, and seasonal allergies to the surface.

Five Tips to Protect Your Eyes this Summer

School’s out, the weather’s hot, and you’re ready to hit the pool. As you race out the door, you run back for your sunscreen but what else did you forget? Studies show that exposure to bright sunlight not only increases the risk of skin cancer but may also increase the risk of developing cataracts, macular degeneration, and cancerous growths on the eye.

Winter Eye Care Tips

Winter snow can be a beautiful sight for our eyes, but the cold weather can also cause many extra vision complications. Protect your eyes and keep them healthy this season with these tips for avoiding these wintertime eye issues: