Honoring The Impact of Dr. McDonogh, Dr. Davis, and Dr. Bath in the Field of Ophthalmology

We didn’t become Ophthalmologists by mistake or chance. The journey to earn the privilege of caring for your sight was deliberate, difficult, and required more than a decade of study and endless ongoing education. After achieving a bachelor’s degree or higher, we each attended at least 3 years of undergraduate school, and an additional 4 years of medical school. After receiving every diploma we could earn, we endured a grueling internship and residency, followed by intense licensing exams.

A Vision of Love

A Vision of Love

It happens every year, and yet it always seems to sneak up out of nowhere. February 14th looms, and you haven’t prepared your annual sacrifice of a stuffed bear with a box of candy to prove your love. It’s too late to get a reservation anywhere “nice”. A bouquet of roses is a classic idea, but flowers die in a week and the markup is astronomical for the month of February. If you want to surprise your Valentine, you might just have to think outside of the heart-shaped box.

ilumin and the Omaha Public Library Foundation team up to make this holiday season more vibrant.

At ilumin, we are always striving to advance causes that help our community to see more of the world in new, clearer, and more vibrant ways. While ilumin does this literally, The Omaha Public Library has been doing this figuratively in Omaha for generations through literature. Sea voyages to space adventures, animal studies to psychology, the library lets the cosmos be seen by all in our community.