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Medical Aesthetics at ilumin

Look Better, See Better. The Plastic Sight Solution

When we hear the words “plastic surgery” we think “surgery for people who want to look better”. What if we told you that we regularly perform plastic surgery to help people see better? At ilumin, we will happily exhaust every means and medium to help our patients get the most out of their vision! Sometimes the most unexpected issues contribute to impaired vision.

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Oculoplastic Treatments at ilumin

Let’s take a look at a few common eye ailments that we can address with an exceptional level of success using oculoplastic options

  • Ectropion – A condition in which the lower eyelid turns out or sags. Droopy the dog was a gross characterization of it, but for those of us suffering from it, it doesn’t feel too far off. The degree of severity varies, but the condition can leave the eye exposed and vulnerable to drying out, infections, and conjunctivitis.
  • Entropion – The reverse of Ectropion, in this condition the eyelid turns inward, causing irritation as the lid and lashes rub against the surface of the eye. This can also create varying degrees of pressure and result in frequent headaches, infection, and discomfort. Often the result of a spasm, inflammation, or scarring.
  • Dermatochalasis – Often labeled “baggy eyes”, redundant skin can hang on the eyes, causing us to look aged long before our time. But beyond the esthetic issues, it can reduce our field of vision. You can’t do calisthenics on your eyelids, and there are no barbells small enough for your lashes to grab. At some point, that extra skin just becomes too much for your eye to lift, leaving you heavy-lidded and only seeing half of your world.
  • Ptosis – You’ve always loved that you have your mother’s eyes, but maybe sometimes you wish you didn’t have her left eye. The one that always seems like it never fully woke up this morning. Sometimes Ptosis is congenital, and is recognizable early in life. Sometimes it’s acquired in one or both eyes through trauma, and sometimes one eye simply loses some of its perk as we grow older. No matter why your eyes are not seeing… well, eye-to-eye, we can do something about it.

In addition to all of the intimidating sounding syndromes and symptoms above, we also have treatments for twitches, lumps, bumps, blocked glands, and other skin and muscle related eye-impediments.

Some of our options are as simple as a few painless injections. Others are easy procedures under local anesthetic or a twilight sleep. After your procedure, you will likely experience swelling for about 48 hours, and most patients are able to resume normal activities within seven to ten days.

No matter what you heard from a Real Housewife, plastic surgery doesn’t always come with a side of drama. It can be a simple outpatient procedure with the board-certified team you trust!

What’s next? Reach out and we’ll help guide you to your best eye care solution.

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Eyelid Surgery at ilumin

Dermatochalasis and ptosis are very common diagnoses found in patients. To put it simply, dermatochalasis is the finding of redundant skin, typically in the upper eyelids, that can “spill over” and block a patient’s field of vision. Similarly, ptosis is the “drooping” of eyelids, which can also cause a blockage in a patient’s field of vision.

These problems are typically treated with surgical intervention. For redundant skin, a blepharoplasty is performed, where the redundant skin is carefully measured for appropriate removal and excised, then typically sutured with self-dissolving sutures.

For ptosis, removal of tissue from the inside of the eyelids is preferable in most patients. This procedure lifts the eyelids and leaves the natural contour and appearance of the eyelids.

Both of these surgeries are typically done in the outpatient setting with local anesthetic, allowing quick recovery and optimal results!

Is surgery right for you? Reach out and we’ll help guide you the best eyelid care solution.

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