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We See the Problems Before They Affect Your Vision

Routine eye exams are imperative in our clinic for our patients. With routine eye exams, early diagnosis of disease allows us to treat problems early, before significant vision loss occurs.

Whether the problem can be fixed medically or surgically, or it simply requires monitoring, our mission is to treat disease and prevent vision loss with adequate visualization from a complete dilated eye exam.

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Sometimes the treatment is simply an updated pair of glasses. Other times, it may require surgery, such as cataract surgery. Cataracts typically start to occur around age 50 and worsen with time.

Designer Frames and Lenses

Glasses can correct and improve vision for patients of all ages; even young children can require a glasses prescription to see their best. Typically, during a comprehensive exam, you will receive an updated glasses prescription.

After you get your prescription, we can help you find the glasses that best suit your lifestyle and vision.


If glasses are not your thing (or just not something you are interested in) we also provide exams and sizing for contact lenses. Most patients choose soft contact lenses for both comfort and optical performance.

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