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Are 3-D Movies Bad for Your Eyes?

During the summer, you and the family escape the heat by hitting the theater and catching those silver screen blockbusters. The kiddos love when you splurge for the thrilling 3-D flicks, but can this technology potentially damage your family’s eyes? While there aren’t any long-term studies, there is currently no reason to be concerned that 3-D movies, television, or video games will damage your children’s (or your) eyesight. Some children and adults find that they’re affected by headaches or motion sickness when sporting those stylish glasses and watching 3-D technology. This may indicate a problem with focusing or depth perception. Taking a break from viewing usually relieves this discomfort.

With the increasing popularity of 3-D digital products like video games, some parents are concerned that prolonged viewing could be damaging to visual development. If your child consistently has headaches, tired eyes, or blurred vision after using the products, make an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam with your ilumin ophthalmologist.