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Don’t be in a fog. Here’s how to clear your glasses when you’re wearing a mask

We’re now encouraged to wear face masks in our daily lives when we leave our homes, but here’s the thing: A lot of us have to wear glasses, too.

One of the more unfortunate side-effects of the pairing is that many people are suffering from fogged up glasses while using their homemade face coverings.

The science behind the problem is simple. When your warm breath hits the cool surface of your glasses, it can form condensation. It’s the same as having foggy glasses in winter and walking into a warm building. Here’s a few ways to prevent it.

Get a mask with a metal nose piece

If your mask fits securely over your nose, air won’t be able to exit the top of the mask and fog your glasses. If you have a homemade mask, consider sewing a pipe cleaner or a twist tie into the top of it to get a snug fit around the bridge of your nose.

The soap and water trick

This one is nothing new to healthcare professionals, who have always worn protective masks. Wash your lenses with warm, soapy water and let them air dry or wipe them with a soft cloth. The soap leaves behind a thin barrier that blocks the fog. The best soap to use? Original Dawn dish soap. The same application works with shaving cream. Apply and wipe off.

Seal your mask with your glasses

If you can lift your mask higher on the nose, place your glasses on top of it. A more secure fit will prevent warm air from coming out the top of your mask.

Use a tissue

Some people find relief by folding a tissue between their mouth and the mask, to provide an additional layer to absorb warm air. It can be challenging to keep the tissue in place, but once it’s secure, it will do the job.

Anti-fog sprays

Many companies make chemical sprays you can spray on your lenses. Like the soap and water trick, the sprays prevent condensation from sticking to the glasses. One note: be sure to check that your lenses don’t have any special coatings before you spray them.

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