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Dry Eyes

Are 3D movies hurting your eyes?

As 3D movies become increasingly popular – with more being released all the time ­– one study shows this film medium could be a good indicator of vision issues among people of all ages. After watching a 3D movie, check for the following three simple signs to see if you have an issue to be evaluated by an ophthalmologist.

Winter Eye Care Tips

Winter snow can be a beautiful sight for our eyes, but the cold weather can also cause many extra vision complications. Protect your eyes and keep them healthy this season with these tips for avoiding these wintertime eye issues:

No Use Crying Over Dry Eyes

Just as your car’s wiper blades require fluid to glide smoothly over your windshield, your eyes produce their version of wiper fluid– tears. Over the course of a lifetime our eyes produce about four to five gallons of tears. Tears are the body’s natural process of cleaning and protecting our eyes.