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Are 3D movies hurting your eyes?

As 3D movies become increasingly popular – with more being released all the time ­– one study shows this film medium could be a good indicator of vision issues among people of all ages. After watching a 3D movie, check for the following three simple signs to see if you have an issue to be evaluated by an ophthalmologist.

Dizziness — This discomfort may be a sign of poor eye alignment and feels similar to the uneasiness of motion sickness.

Discomfort — This feeling may occur if your eyes have difficulty working together over a long period of time.

Depth Disability — If you find yourself not enjoying the 3D movie, it may be because your eyes are causing you to have a less vivid experience. Of course, it may just be a bad movie!

Fortunately, even if you have some of these symptoms, watching 3D movies is not in any way dangerous to the health of your eyes.  A comprehensive eye exam by your ilumin ophthalmologist can help to detect problems with depth perception, which is often the issue when patients have trouble in 3D movies.  These eye exams not only maintain eye health but can also detect other systemic conditions in their early stages.

A recent study by United Healthcare found that many diseases, including diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and high blood pressure, were detected by eye care professionals. The blood vessels and nerves of each eye play a critical role in managing these chronic conditions, making it extremely important to visit an eye doctor at least every two years.

Whether you’ve attended a 3D movie and experienced one of these signs or would just like to stop in for a check-up, we’re here to help!