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Now Proudly Offering PanOptix, the Latest Multifocal Lens

You have come to trust your ilumin team to always stay on the cusp of technologies to save and improve your vision, and as our ten-year anniversary approaches, we like to think the best is yet to come!

Advancements are being made every day, and ilumin leads the charge in learning and mastering the techniques and technologies as they become available. Most recently, we are excited to be able to offer the latest in Trifocal Intraocular Lenses from PanOptix®.

Compared with the leading competitor, the Alcon AcrySof® IQ offers equal distance acuity, but with an improved intermediate focal point at 60 cm. This means the possibility of better visual outcomes for daily tasks like using your computer and phone, and reading a book or menu.

While some lenses are optimized for distance viewing, and others sharpen your up-close view, PanOptix® ENLIGHTEN Optical Technology can offer heightened light utilization (By 88%) creating lessened pupil dependence. This delivers the possibility of better vision near, far, and wherever you are!

Our goal is to offer the most possible improvement from every encounter with our patients. We have been watching closely for this technology to become available to us, and are thrilled to finally have the go ahead to offer this vision correction option in tandem with cataract surgery.

At ilumin, we don’t treat symptoms, we treat patients. When our patients are experiencing vision loss, we want to do everything in our power to protect their time, health, and sight, and the addition of PanOptix® to our arsenal does exactly that.

Thank you for trusting your ilumin team to keep an eye on emerging technologies! We are proud to serve our Omaha community!