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Howdy Partner

In July of 2018, Dr. Brandon Menke brought his innovative and exciting methods to the ilumin offices. We were thrilled to learn all we could about this promising doctor, and there was no end to the papers he had published and the research he pioneered.

His work in retinal regeneration provided a potentially curative therapy for those who had been robbed of their sight, and his groundbreaking studies continued to progress the very world of ocular therapies. We have spent the last year trying to show him our gratitude that he chose our beautiful city and our practice, and we are more grateful to announce that he has decided to call it home.

Dr. Brandon Menke has officially accepted a partnership with the ilumin practice. The energy Dr. Menke brings to his work inspires us daily, and the connections he has made with our patients has earned him unwavering faith from us all. The ability to trust your doctor can be the difference between successful treatment and complete defeat, and his endless patience with each case has earned that trust from every one of his patients.

Dr. Menke will continue to change history with his research and dedication, and we are profoundly proud to announce that he will be doing so on our team. From everyone at ilumin, and from each one of your patients, thank you for everything you do to keep science on its toes! Welcome to the family!