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Eye Care

We are Living in a Digital World, But Eye is not a Digital Word

What exactly does this mean for your child’s screen time? Your own television watching and computer usage as a child was nothing compared to the current world, wherein screens are everywhere. From the tablet that keeps them occupied during appointments to the iPads being issued by schools to help with homework, kids are spending hours every day staring at screens. While moderate use of a phone, computer, or tablet aren’t shown to directly affect vision, there are other side-effects you should be aware of.

All That Glimmers (Might Make Your Eyes Old)

To everything there is a season – Except for protecting your eyes, which is a year-round job!

Your eyes just can’t seem to catch a break! No matter the season, your eyes seem to be under attack. In spring, itchy irritants and allergies keep you aware of your eyes. In the summer, the constant attack of blinding sun and chlorinated water are the one-two punch du jour. Fall brings harvest mold, dust, and seasonal allergies to the surface.

Jeepers Creepers, Let’s Protect Your Peepers!

They say dress for the job you want, not the job you have. This seems like truly sound advice until you sit at your desk dressed as Wonder Woman, arrive in court dressed as Batman, or stand in front of your class dressed as a stormtrooper.

Making Contact With ilumin

At ilumin, we feel incredibly lucky to be working in the field of Ophthalmology at a time when our research can be used to fine-tune the advancements our predecessors made before us! Take for instance, the delicate and intricate design of the contact lens.

Feast Your Eyes on Fall

It’s not the color of your eyes that matters, it’s what you do with them! Autumn in Nebraska is a veritable visual ambrosia, with sites and stimulations for every occasion. From falling leaves to people watching, ilumin has compiled a list of local places for you to feast your eyes on!

6 Tips for a Safer Fourth

America’s favorite summer holiday is approaching—which means the night sky is about to erupt in a bouquet of light, coast to coast. Spectacular stuff. But also hazardous if the right precautions aren’t taken.

6 Tips for Healthier Eyes

Nebraska is gorgeous. In the summertime, our colorful sunsets resemble masterpieces by Monet, our sandhills offer a deep, verdant shade of green, and our fields of grain stretch to the horizon like golden oceans. Isn’t all of that beauty worth seeing as clearly as possible?

Are 3D movies hurting your eyes?

As 3D movies become increasingly popular – with more being released all the time ­– one study shows this film medium could be a good indicator of vision issues among people of all ages. After watching a 3D movie, check for the following three simple signs to see if you have an issue to be evaluated by an ophthalmologist.