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6 Tips for a Safer Fourth

America’s favorite summer holiday is approaching—which means the night sky is about to erupt in a bouquet of light, coast to coast. Spectacular stuff. But also hazardous if the right precautions aren’t taken. Here’s a quick list to help you enjoy a safer Independence Day.

1) Always wear eye protection
Our first (and obviously our favorite) safety tip is oftentimes neglected. Wearing protective eyewear—especially if you’re the one lighting the fireworks—can prevent serious eye damage, including blindness. Nearly 16% of firework injuries happen to the eyes. Better to see the fireworks safely, than to be injured by them.

2) Adults only
A responsible adult should supervise all firework activities closely. And while it’s advised by several organizations to never give children fireworks, it’s understandable that parents will occasionally hand sparklers and other mild fireworks to their kids. See tip #1.

3) Fireworks? Hold the Fireball
We know that many people enjoy adult beverages while celebrating the Fourth. But if you’re the maestro of the neighborhood fireworks show, or wield any type of firework whatsoever, wait until you’re finished before you make that drink. The National Council on Fireworks Safety wholeheartedly agrees.

4) But do add water
It’s recommended that you have a bucket of water nearby, as well as a water hose armed and ready. ‘Nuff said.

5) Say no to duds
Never relight a dud firework. Wait 20 minutes, then soak it in a bucket of water. If you’re still reluctant, you can call the police or fire department. They’ll be happy to address a questionable firework instead of an accident caused by negligence.
6) Observe your surroundings—and yourself
Find a clearing above your head. Are there trees or buildings blocking the flight path of the fireworks? The less obstruction, the lower the fire risk. Also, make sure you’re not surrounded by dry grass that could catch fire, and always avoid loose fitting clothes that pose a greater risk of catching fire as well.

On behalf of our team at ilumin, we wish you a happy holiday. And to ensure that you see many, many more beautiful fireworks displays in utmost clarity, you can always request an appointment with one of our board-certified Ophthalmologists.

Happy Fourth of July!