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Celebrating 5 Years

This year, we’re celebrating ilumin’s five year anniversary. We appreciate all of you who have helped to make this practice thrive. Thank you!

Dr. Parson was recently doing a post-op checkup with a patient—a quiet gentleman who was recovering from cataract surgery. When the appointment was finished, the patient paused, “I have something to say.” Dr. Parson was all ears. “The people here couldn’t be any nicer. You like each other,” he said. “When I first came here I asked you to rate yourself and you said you wouldn’t do that. But I’ll tell you now: you guys are a 10.”

It was the most Dr. Parson had ever heard this patient speak! And his short speech meant the world because that “10” is what our practice strives for every day. We value our patients very much and we are proud that it shows. It’s important to us that you feel our care when you walk through our doors.

As we enter our sixth year, we are focusing on providing more “10” experiences for all of our patients. We also plan to grow our practice to serve more people this year. It’d make our day to care for you and your family—and any friends that you would send our way! Hope to see you soon.