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Seven Penguins Get Eye Exams

Our branding agency, SecretPenguin, recently called the ilumin office, wanting to schedule eye exams for their entire team. A few of them hadn’t been to the eye doctor in quite a while, and they wanted to experience firsthand what we’ve been telling them about our practice. We’ll turn it over to them now, so they can tell you about it in their own words.

Hi everyone, SecretPenguin here! Seven people from our office recently visited ilumin for eye exams. We always make sure we can back up what our clients are providing, so we went to try them out for ourselves. We were so pleasantly surprised by our experience, that we wanted to tell you what made it so special.

Cool and Calm

We’ve been to ilumin’s offices quite a bit, but this was the first time we’d be arriving as patients. A few of our people were just a tad bit nervous, but those jitters disappeared as soon as we walked through the doors.

It was so quiet and calm – no TV blasting, or headlines bumming us out. It was clear that our time at ilumin was meant to be for relaxing and focusing on the health of our eyes, nothing else. “The space is stunning and feels almost spa-like. I also love the beautiful modern (and mostly local!) artwork placed throughout the space,” Ali says.

The receptionist set our whole team up with drinks – a great cup of Starbucks coffee, lemonade, or hot chocolate – and before we could even sit down, Lauren’s name was called.

Relaxed, Not Rushed
“My appointment felt very relaxing, not at all rushed,” Lauren says. “Dr. Parson took her time with every step and was very thorough in explaining things to me. I’d never had my eyes dilated before, so I was pretty nervous at first. After she put the drops in, I was taken to a lovely private room to wait for my eyes to dilate. The room was low lit, with calm music playing, comfortable chairs and photos of wildlife rotating on screens. It actually ended up being the most enjoyable part of my exam.” Andrea agrees, “I almost fell asleep!”

Ali chimes in, “It was definitely peaceful, but a good energy was in the office, too. The staff were so fun! They made us feel incredibly welcome and you can tell that they love where they work.”

Health Matters Most
Andrea continues, “This visit was different from other eye exams I’ve had in the past. I felt like Dr. Goldstein was more concerned with my overall eye health, rather than just getting me fitted for glasses.”

Justin concurs. “Dr. Goldstein was attentive, informative, and spoke to me on my level – helping me to really understand. He uncovered a potentially life-changing issue with my eyes and I was impressed with his ability to explain to me what it could be, why it could be happening, and what kind of further testing I need to do. It was a shock to get this news, but I left feeling comfortable knowing that I can return to ilumin for my next phase of testing. And if I end up needing treatment, I know I’ll be in competent hands.”

Unbelievably, It Costs the Same
Jason admitted this was the first time he’d gone to an actual doctor’s office for an eye exam. “I always went for the cheapest possible option and usually ended up getting my eye exams at a big-box retailer that rhymes with Mall-Barf. I was shocked to learn ilumin’s cost is the same as that big-box retailer, while the overall level and care and services goes so, so far beyond that.”

We all agree that we’ll definitely be back! Thank you Doctors Arkfeld, Parson and Goldstein for an incredible experience. You’ve got a few new patients for life.