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Eye Tips for Teens

There’s little in the life of a teen that is more exciting than heading back to school to see friends again after the longs summer. And for many students, getting back to the books means it’s also time for some stylish wardrobe additions. Help your teen be a trendsetter with a pair of fashionable new frames from the ilumin salon.
If your young ones have normal vision, suit them with these tips for maintaining healthy eyesight:

Exercise: Regular exercise helps give our eyes the hearty dose of blood circulation and oxygen that they need. It also helps keep our weight in the normal range, reducing the risk of diabetes and diabetic retinopathy.

No smoking: Avoiding smoking is one of the best investments that young people can make in their long-term health. Smoking as a teenager can increase the risk for cataracts and cardiovascular diseases that can influence eye health.

Avoid decorative contact lenses: Decorative contacts are cosmetic lenses designed to change the appearance or color of the eye. While they can be purchased in stores and online without a prescription, they are potentially dangerous for the eyes. Lenses that are not professionally fitted, whether they are decorative or prescription, can become very uncomfortable and lead to more serious problems such as infections and permanent scarring.

Call our office with any eye-health related questions or to schedule an appointment with the ilumin ophthalmologists.