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Five Steps to a Fun Fourth

The Fourth of July already holds a fondness for most of us and our loved ones. What you do this week will help determine how these memories will grow.

You decide the menu, then for the rest of their lives your children will equate blueberry cheesecake or frozen grapes with the memory of time together. Will you remember it as the time your brother ate an entire watermelon, or as the time your sister got engaged in front of a brilliant display of fireworks?

ilumin wants you to have a memorable holiday, for all the right reasons. That’s why we’ve put together some safety and regulatory guidelines to keep your Fourth fun and worry-free. (We’re sorry, guys… there is no way to say “Safety and regulatory” without sounding like your Mom.)

Use a DD – Designated Detonator

If your celebration includes the possibility of inebriation, choose a DD. On a hot day, a little buzz can quickly shift into impaired judgement and slow reflexes. Make an agreement that the DD gets to leave with the rest of dessert, or with drinks on you next time… but don’t drink and detonate.

And be sure that your DD is properly equipped. Punks, a fuse extender, and protective eyewear, like polycarb lenses or goggles, can keep shrapnel out of your eyes. Gun powder residue can cause damage you may not notice for days, so keep your eyes covered and wash your hands before touching your face! We want your eyes in ship shape for many holidays to come.

Don’t be a Dud

It’s tempting to try and relight a disappointing firework, but cut your losses and pour water on it before you continue with your display. In 2016, more than 11,000 firework-related injuries were treated at national hospitals. This figure only reflects the immediate response to emergency rooms, and not the gradually-realized issues like vision impairment, hearing loss, and slow-to-heal burns that people don’t always address right away.

Always use a punk, and not a lighter to ignite your fuse, and look into using a fuse extender for particularly explosive displays.

Water Works

Keep buckets of water, wet towels, and an active hose nearby. Even with a great deal of planning, fireworks can go from fun to frightening fast. Douse duds immediately. Soak even the smallest burns, as damage can be hard to assess immediately, and the faster you cool the skin, the less damage is done. When your fireworks show is over and you’ve collected all of the debris, fill your receptacle with water. You never know when a fuse is still live. That much heat and gunpowder in one place is a recipe for disaster.

Keep Kiddos Clear

Children are either thrilled or threatened near artillery, but either way, they want to be close to someone in charge. Be sure there is someone near to keep little ones excited, and to comfort any children who may need extra cuddles during the show. Even more importantly, it’s better to keep safe from the action.

Your furbabies need some attention, too. They have no idea what’s going on and anxiety can be high for your pets. If you have an already anxious breed, look into investing in a thunder vest. This can calm a jittery animal during storms, separation, and even a fireworks display.

City Ordinance

You may find yourself completely unaware of what regulations exist within the city limits, but we have word straight from the Nebraska State Fire Marshal:

  • Consumer fireworks may be discharged in Omaha only from June 25 through July 4, and from Dec. 28 to Jan. 1, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. (and Never within 500 feet of where fireworks are sold)
  • You must be 16 years or older to possess, use or discharge consumer fireworks.
  • Minors ages 12-15 may discharge consumer fireworks only under the direct supervision of an adult who is at least 19 years old.

Violating these ordinances could take an otherwise amazing summer memory and add the inconvenience of a expensive citation, or even worse, a trip to the emergency room.

We want you to have a fun and safe holiday, so please read all instructions on fireworks, keep your hands, eyes, and ears protected, and have a blast! Er… You know what we mean.

Happy Fourth of July from your team at ilumin!