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If you suffer from dry eye, ilumin has a revolutionary new treatment that could help

“Not a dry eye in the house” takes on new meaning for those who suffer from chronically dry eyes, and now ilumin is offering a new treatment to help the condition.

Lipiflow and Lipiscan are a new treatment that helps treat one of the primary causes of dry eye disease. It’s also the only FDA approved treatment on the market.

What causes dry eyes?

Tiny glands located in the eyelids provide an oily layer of tear film, which helps tears stick to the surface of the eyes and keep eyes lubricated.

If the tear film doesn’t have these oils, tears evaporate off the eye surface too quickly and the eyes dry out.

Sometimes, the meibomian glands get clogged with oil; if the blockage lasts long enough, they can atrophy and die.

How does Lipiflow work? 

Lipiflow treats dysfunction of the meibomian gland, the cause of most dry eye disease cases. The treatment uses a combination of heat and massage to melt the thickened oils and open the glands, restoring the patient’s normal secretion of oil and tear film.

A Lipiflow device is placed under and over the lids to deliver gentle heat and pressure, and the treatment is quick and comfortable, just 12 minutes.

Lipiflow is the only FDA approved device to provide treatment to both the inner and outer eyelid.

How long does Lipiflow last? 

For most patients, the eyes improve soon after the treatment and continue to improve over the following six to eight weeks. Results vary depending on the patient, but a single Lipiflow treatment can last 6 months to one year.

Because dry eye is a chronic disease, patients will require ongoing treatment. Most Lipiflow patients receive the treatment once a year.

Is Lipiflow right for me? 

The ilumin team can perform a series of tests using the Lipiscan system to evaluate the gland performance and health of gland secretions to determine the root cause of dry eyes.

If you experience dry eye disease symptoms and would like to be evaluated to see if the treatment could help, schedule an appointment today.