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Get to Know the Doctors: An Interview with Dr. Arkfeld

It’s time to get to know the doctors that make up the incomparable ilumin team! This month, we sat down for a one-on-one interview with Dr. Dean Arkfeld.

Dr. Arkfeld discusses his love of the arts, outdoor sports, and his upbringing as a self-proclaimed Iowa farm boy.

When and why did you decide you wanted to become an Ophthalmologist? What drew you to it?

During my medical school clinical rotations I discovered my connection with ophthalmology. It’s both a medical and surgical field, it serves all ages, there is a technology component.

Ultimately, helping maintain the gift of sight is very gratifying. One’s quality of vision is so intimately related to one’s quality of life.

What drew you to practice in retina as a subspecialty?

I decided to pursue fellowship training in retina knowing that it was a field necessary for the maintenance of functional vision in so many conditions throughout life.

The preferred methods of medical and surgical treatment continue to change. It required me to be a lifelong learner. I enjoy the challenge of an ever changing and developing field.

How did you became so interested in the arts?

Humanitarianism has been important to me. I’ve been involved in service organizations over the years: Leadership Omaha class #16, Radio Talking Book Network, church and school, etc.

Sight is one of our most precious gifts. Art can be a beautiful reminder of that. So celebrate sight by appreciating the arts…

You love all kinds of outdoor sports and activities—what are your favorite memories?

Going to Wimbledon was storybook material, but probably the most special moment was being at the US Open watching Andre Agassi’s final match and then hearing his post match remarks…

I started downhill skiing at 20, switched to snowboarding when I was 40, and now in my 60s have moved on to snowshoeing!

What do you remember most about your time living in the Northeast?

I loved New England, especially the Green Mountains of Vermont, the changing seasons and especially the autumn colors…

There are good people everywhere.

What’s your favorite thing about being part of the ilumin team?

ilumin is more than a team, a family. I’m proud of our staff and clinical environment.

I’m happy with our patient-oriented philosophy.

What’s an interesting fact that would surprise your colleagues or patients?

Having been an Iowa farm boy: I still enjoy being outside working the landscape of the yard. I grow and dry herbs!

And another factoid: My wife Peggy and I do yoga together pretty much every day!

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