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Keep Those Contact Cases Clean

Does the thought of living without your contact lenses leave you weary and bleary-eyed? We understand how much you love your lenses, but did you know that your trusty little contacts case could be home to pesky germs that are harmful to your health? Studies have shown that almost 25% of contact users never replace their lens cases, allowing bacteria to breed in the crevices. The bacteria can then transfer to the contact lenses causing eye infections.

The good news is that the chances of developing a contact lens (or lens case) related infection can be greatly reduced. Here’s how:

  • Swap your case for a new one about every three months. Using a new case on the first day of every new season can be a good reminder.
  • Take proper care between replacements.
  • Rinse and clean your case thoroughly with solution and let it completely dry after each use.

We recommend that everyone who wears contacts have a pair of glasses they can use as a backup.  If your eyes are red or irritated, do not wear the contacts, and if the situation does not improve in a day or two, or if you have additional questions about your prescription contact lenses, contact your ilumin ophthalmologist