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Simple Steps for Treating a Shiner

It happens in every family – usually when you have a thousand other things going on.  One of the kids comes home from soccer practice or a friends house with a black eye.  Don’t panic. Here’s how we recommend treating eye bruising:

First, check for signs of more serious symptoms. If the vision is blurred, double vision, visible blood,  or inability to move the eye, those could be indicators of a more serious eye problem. Call an ilumin ophthalmologist right away for medical attention.

If you do not see any of these symptoms, you can usually treat black eyes at home with a simple remedy. (And we don’t mean slapping a steak from the deep freeze on it.) Once an hour, apply an ice pack to the eye for 15-20 minutes. Doing so will reduce swelling and ease pain on the first day of the injury.  Oral Tylenol may help to ease the pain.  We do not recommend aspirin or other OTC pain relievers in this situation as they can act as blood thinners, potentially making the bruising worse.

The discoloration will take a few days to fade, but until then, reassure your youngster (no matter how old they are) that telling the shiner story will be a hit in the halls at school or work.