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Eye Exam Basics

Did you know that your eyes can tell your ophthalmologist about your overall health? Learn what you can expect during your eye exam and the reasons why your doctor performs certain tests.
Snellen Chart:

A Snellen Chart is that infamous black and white chart with rows of letters in different sizes. It tests how well you can read and distinguish letters from a distance.

Which is clearer: one or two?

Your ilumin ophthalmologist uses various methods to determine your eyewear prescription.  One common way to do this is by placing a series of lenses in front of your eyes and asking which helps you see more clearly.  This allows the physician or technician to fine-tune your individual prescription.

Cover the left, now cover the right:

This test examines how well your eyes work separately and together by checking the alignment of your eyes. Your ilumin ophthalmologist watches to see if your uncovered eye moves to see the target object.

The blue light

When the ilumin technician or doctor instills a yellow eye drop, and follows it by looking with a bright blue light, they are checking the pressure in your eyes to look for signs of glaucoma.  The blue light is also used to looks for abnormalities on the surface of the eye, such as a scratch or abrasion.

Rest your chin here:

Using a biomicroscope, your doctor gets a magnified view of the surface and interior of your eyes to detect signs of eye conditions, like cataracts, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy.