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Eye Makeup Safety Tips

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, you like to make sure your eye makeup is the fancy front room drapes. Hare a few tips to keep your eyes healthy while still giving them the curb appeal you desire:

  • Throw out eye makeup after three months. Infection-causing bacteria grow easily in creamy or liquid eye make up. Clean out your cabinet regularly and toss products older than three months.
  • Never share eye makeup or applicators. Avoid sampling makeup in the stores, or use only fresh samples that haven’t been contaminated by multiple customers.
  • Always apply makeup outside the lash line, away from the eye. Products too close to the lash line can block the glands of the eyelid that secrete oil to protect the eye’s surface.
  • If you have dry eyes, avoid flakey makeup like metallic, glitter, and powder. Flakes can get into the tear film and increase irritation.
  • Before going to sleep, remove all makeup. If you use a makeup remover, avoid getting it in your eyes and thoroughly rinse the remover off your eyelids. Sweep a clean cotton swab along the base of the eyelashes to get rid of all loose flakes and cleanser.
  • Never apply makeup while in a moving vehicle.

If your eyes are prone to infection or you have recently had eye surgery, do not wear eye makeup until your ilumin ophthalmologist tells you it is safe to do so.