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Getting Ghoulish Eyes for Halloween? Think again.

We go through all that double, double toil and trouble to perfect our spooky Halloween costumes – and many people think that decorative contact lenses top off their terrifying look. But what most do not know is that harmful consequences can come from wearing over-the-counter decorative contact lenses.

Wearing decorative lenses, circle lenses, colored contacts, or other novelty lenses without a prescription poses potential problems to the health of your eyes. Retailers often market these products to teens and young adults as cosmetics, fashion accessories or toys, when in fact lenses should only be used as medical devices.

The Nebraska Academy of Eye Physicians and Surgeons is warning parents and teens that purchasing any contact lenses without an eye exam and a prescription from a licensed eye care professional can cause serious eye disorders, infections, and permanent scarring.

Even if you or your teen has perfect vision, you should always get an eye exam and a prescription from an eye care professional in order to wear any kind of contacts. To learn more, view the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s 30-and 90-second public service announcements or schedule an appointment with your ilumin ophthalmologist.