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Modern Vision Centers: Redefining the Patient Eye Care Experience Through a Fusion of Expertise, Technology, and Personalized Solutions

Modern Vision Centers (MVC), a revolutionary network of premier optometry, medical ophthalmology, and refractive surgery practices, proudly announces its official debut, offering comprehensive and personalized eye care solutions that set a new standard for the patient eye care experience in Omaha, Nebraska and beyond.

A Modern Approach to the Patient Experience in Omaha

Personalized, modern, and convenient care is at the heart of Modern Vision Centers’ approach. Modern technologies and treatments have revolutionized eye care. MVC partner practices match the right technologies to each patient using modern diagnostics, state-of-the-art treatments, safe, same-day surgery for both eyes, advanced software, and telemedicine.

MVC unites three premier Omaha practices—Kugler Vision, Modern Vision Solutions, and ilumin—into one convenient, integrated network. This unique collaboration combines clinical excellence with a personalized experience that is seldom found in medicine. MVC partners offer advanced treatments for vision correction such as LASIK and EVO ICL, refractive cataract surgery, and lens replacement to eliminate the need for reading glasses, as well as myopia control for adolescents, modern and effective dry eye treatments, diabetic eye care, glasses, contact lenses, and more. MVC doctors are committed to matching each patient to the right care at the right time, and to offering thoughtful education on all options at every appointment, ensuring each patient receives the best possible care and understanding of their eye health.

The modern features of MVC partner practices include:

  • Comprehensive, Complete Eye Care for All Ages
  • Online Scheduling With No Waiting
  • Clinical Expertise with 12 leading Omaha-area eye care physicians and fellowship-trained refractive surgeons boasting over 150 years of combined clinical experience.
  • Patient Empowerment Through Education: MVC Vision Track Analysis offers extensive diagnostic testing and imagery paired with detailed explanations and insights, with ongoing support through an engaging patient app.

A Vision for the Future

Modern Vision Centers’ vision for growth extends beyond its current footprint, with plans to expand its industry-leading model to new regions.

“Modern Vision Centers partner practices offer eye care expertise and solutions for every stage of life using the latest technology and a personal understanding of each patient to drive solutions for their visual needs and desires in the near, mid, and long term,” said Lance Kugler, MD, cofounder and first president of the global Refractive Surgery Alliance and Physician CEO at MVC partner practice Kugler Vision. “This model and the practices within it will set the bar for what the primary eye care experience should be. Modern Vision Centers will be the gold standard for people wanting visual freedom and control of their lifestyle and visual needs.”

“Our unique partnership ensures professional service and expertise for every age and pathology affecting vision,” furthered Brandon Menke, MD, of ilumin. “We believe within five years, Modern Vision Center partner practices will be a national presence that remakes the model for private medical practices, even outside of ophthalmology.”

Importantly, MVC partner practices are owned by physicians, not private equity, and prioritize the doctor-patient relationship above corporate interests. MVC also has a premier center, Carrot LASIK & Eye Center, in Mesa, Arizona, and plans to expand to several more states in the coming months.

Modern Vision Centers represents a truly transformative approach to eye care, combining expertise, technology, and patient education to set a new standard of excellence in the field.

About Modern Vision Centers

Modern Vision Center (MVC) partner practices offer a modern view on your vision, providing premier optometry and refractive surgery services and a world-class patient experience. The growing physician-owned MVC network includes Modern Vision Omaha partners Kugler Vision (Drs. Lance Kugler, Drew Dickson, Kelly Kiser, Cassandra Jordan, Dusty McIver, and Mollie Hiatt), Modern Vision Solutions (Drs. Meagan Anderson and Sara Petska, also of ilumin), and ilumin (Drs. Dean Arkfeld, Michael Goldstein, Brandon Menke, and Peter Simone) in Nebraska, as well as Carrot LASIK & Eye Center (Drs. Matthew Hammond and Michael Herion) in Mesa, Arizona. Practices who earn the MVC seal promote patient empowerment through the most advanced testing and comprehensive education on all available options to match the right patient to the right care at the right time.