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Vision Changes During Pregnancy: What to Expect as a Mom-to-Be

A growing belly, unusual food cravings, and the dreaded morning sickness are bodily changes that typically come standard for most expectant mothers. But slight changes in eyesight are also common during pregnancy.

The fluid retention, increased blood volume, and hormonal fluctuations that naturally occur during pregnancy can affect the thickness and curvature of your cornea (the clear window over the colored part of your eye). This may result in slight vision changes like dryness, eye pressure, and blurry or distorted vision.

Most vision changes or eye discomfort that happen during pregnancy are generally temporary and minor. If you wear glasses, it is unlikely that the change will be significant enough to yield a need for you to change your prescription, and we do not recommend changing glasses or getting contact lenses refitted until hormonal levels return to normal after delivery and nursing are over.

Certain medical conditions that may be present, especially diabetes, can change quickly while you are pregnant, and if you are diabetic you should have your eyes checked during pregnancy.

If you do notice any of these symptoms or changes in your vision during pregnancy, schedule an appointment with your ilumin ophthalmologist who will make sure your peepers are as healthy as you and your budding bundle of joy.