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Full-Service Optical

Talk to someone who can once again see her granddaughter’s beautiful smile through custom lenses from ilumin’s optical salon, and she will tell you ilumin has redefined personalized eye care. Only she doesn’t put it in those exact terms. She simply says: “No one has ever done this for me before.”

That statement, perhaps better than any other, reveals the essence of the patient experience at ilumin’s full-service optical salon.

Staffed by board-certified opticians, ilumin’s optical salon offers patients an unmatched repertoire of products and personalized care.

“We do whatever it takes to ensure our patients see as well as possible,” says Delni Rasmussen, an optician at ilumin. “We learn about their lifestyle, what kind of work they do, and what their hobbies are. It makes such a difference in how eyeglass frames and lenses work for them.”

Chris Tirro, an optician and certified contact lens technician, adds, “You’ll hear someone say ‘I can’t see well; these glasses just don’t work for me.’ That’s usually an indication the lenses are wrong for that person’s lifestyle or medical condition.”

For patients with eye diseases such as macular degeneration, or for those who have had cornea surgery or other corrective procedures, ilumin opticians work diligently to help them see as well and as comfortably as possible.

“When someone is losing their vision to a disease, it’s a scary time,” says Rasmussen, “so if we can help that person see better, it means so much to them.”

Take a patient with macular degeneration. “The lenses can end up being pretty thick,” says Rasmussen. “But, we can often help that patient see better by fitting them with a combination of contacts and eyeglasses with thinner lenses.”