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Telehealth and Adaptive Care

How doctors and patients are using video services to safely and conveniently continue care.

Last March, the team at ilumin saw the need to begin taking precautionary measures to protect our patients, and our staff. We followed all directed health measures and then some, creating the safest environment possible while maintaining the level of care you deserve. This included frequent cleaning of doors and waiting areas, limiting capacity in our wait rooms, and enforcing mask standards.

As spring and summer progressed, and Covid-19 continued to grip our community, additional measures became necessary for everyone. Restaurants closed, hair salons paused services, and elective procedures were put on hold. For healthcare workers, however, pausing was not an option. Instead, technology and a lot of patience (from doctors and patients!) found a way to save the day.

Healthcare from Home

Your care team knows that most appointments simply cannot wait. When your health is at hand, time is of the essence, and we do everything we can do expedite your appointment. When a pandemic limited the attention doctors were able to give, they adapted. Utilizing video calling allowed your care management team to return to the days of home visits. This has made simple appointments quicker, more convenient, and safer for so many.

No more fighting traffic to get to your appointment on time, sitting in a waiting room while you wait for your room to be sanitized, or sitting in a sterile clinic waiting for your consult. You can share information with your team in real-time, get one on one answers, and decide further steps from the comfort of home.

Forgive us for getting overly excited about video calling, but we are passionate about problem solving and creating coordinated care options for everyone. We have looked for answers for our mobility limited patients from the start, and offering one more avenue to connect lets our patients know that we are always on their side.

While telehealth isn’t always an option, creating availability for those who qualify makes office visits safer for everyone. It reduces in-person traffic, limits exposure, and can even be responsible for cutting wait times significantly!

Seeing Eye to Eye

We look forward to every encounter we have with our patients. Adding telehealth services allowed us to seamlessly continue care for our highest risk patients, and has even made it easier for us to reach many home-bound seniors for consultations who often struggle to find reliable transportation to our office. We are grateful for the advancements that have made access to healthcare easier, especially during a time in our collective history when everything seems to be especially complicated.

If you or a loved one are interested in setting up a telehealth appointment, or would like to schedule an in-person visit at either of our two convenient locations, Request and Appointment Here

Thank you for trusting ilumin with your family’s vision. We can’t wait to see you soon!