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The ilumin Experience

If you’ve experienced the specialized eye care at ilumin, you know it’s nothing like your average trip to the eye doctor. In fact, patients often compare their ilumin experience to a visit to the spa.
Why? Because from the moment you enter ilumin, the ambient warmth and professionalism surrounds you. You’re immediately taken by the serene beauty of the physical space. But before you have a chance to fully breathe in the peaceful ambiance, you’re greeted with a warm smile and a cheerful greeting from the concierge: “Hello,” she says, “and welcome to ilumin.”

Once you’ve introduced yourself, the concierge shows you the kind of warm hospitality you’d expect from a long-time friend. She offers you a cup of hot cocoa or cold beverage as she escorts you to the patient lounge – a welcoming space where visitors can relax with their refreshments at quaint bistro café tables.

Your concierge lingers with you in the patient lounge and asks how your day has been. But before you can begin to recall your day, another smiling staff member approaches, greeting you by name. She is the patient registrar. She accompanies you to a beautiful private suite where the seating is ample and inviting, and where you alone will be the focus of her attention for the next few minutes.

Once you’re comfortably seated, the registrar goes over all of your insurance and personal contact information with you. Aside from the expected formalities, you find that she is genuinely interested in you as a person.

The longer you’re at ilumin, the more you realize the attentive care you’ve received to this point is not a fluke. It is the ilumin culture: calming, reassuring, and personalized.